2021 PRACTICE(!)WEEK @Angewandte Performance Lab

APLxZFF – Practice!Week 


Kick-off for PHANTOM LAB. 

This workshop revealed and reflected upon the psycho-physical phantoms that haunt technologies connected to the human body. They were made tangible through interactions with various prosthetic arm products. 

The participating art students were invited to physically relate to familiar and unfamiliar protheses, to stage and orient themselves with them, to play with a newly experienced body image, and to communicate with each other. 

This unveiled the subtle rhetoric of our bodies. Direct video and photo documentation are used to collaboratively analyze interactions. We raised painful and controversial questions: How much humour can illness tolerate? What makes an ideal patient? What is “sick”, “disabled” or “damaged”?

9:00-17:00, September 24th, 2021.

Zentrum Fokus Forschung 

Expositur Rustenschacherallee
Rustenschacherallee 2 – 4
A-1020 Vienna


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